Anti-Charter Bill, Does Nothing For Students

“The bill, introduced by Sen. Tony Mendoza, D-Artesia, would limit opportunities for charter schools to be authorized and reauthorized, make it easier for charter applications to be denied and undercut the due process for charter applicants.

Charter schools are public schools with greater flexibility than traditional public schools. Typically organized by nonprofit public benefit corporations, the more than 1,200 charter schools across the state have been approved by either a local school district, a county school board or the state and remain subject to the same standards and laws traditional schools are held to. Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools may be shut down relatively quickly if they do not fulfill their obligations and promises to property educate students.

But rather than applaud the innovation and effectiveness of many charter schools, teachers unions like the California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers and United Teachers Los Angeles see them as something to be controlled.

SB808, described by the California Charter Schools Association as a “charter killer bill,” is designed to restrict opportunities for charters to be approved. Specifically, SB808 seeks to limit authorization of charter schools to local school districts, thus subjecting their approval to the whims of school boards which are too often influenced themselves by the same anti-charter teachers unions sponsoring SB808.” -Daily Press

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