Act Your Wage

ACT YOUR WAGE is a financial literacy program that enables students grades 7-12 to put together a working budget using their own personal tastes and preferences. This personal finance simulation will allow the students to research a career of their choice and then use that projected income to simulate decisions like buying a house, paying utility bills, paying student loans, or purchasing a new car. Upon completing their “About Me” section, students will take turns visiting twelve difference booths to decide how they’re going to spend their money and create their monthly budget. Each booth is staffed with Excelsior students/staff along with volunteer community members to help encourage the students to make sound financial decisions.

Once the students complete the personal finance simulation, they will receive a quick lesson on the importance of Credit and how to utilize it as they navigate through adulthood. After visiting all twelve booths the participating students will have a much better understanding of what things cost and how they should prioritize their spending. If a student goes over budget during the simulation they may return to a booth and make a better financial decision. Some of the booths are even related to each other, as choices within the simulation greatly impact what your budget will look like. For instance, students must purchase a car before visiting the insurance booth, as their insurance rate is dependent on the type of car they purchase.

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