Excelsior Student Releases First Single in Nashville

Excelsior student Brennley Brown was one of the top ten singers on the show The Voice a few years ago. Brennley has since then been working on her own CD in Nashville. As of November 1st, her single for her her 1st song premiered and her CD will be coming out some time in the next few months.
The title of the song is “Keep Coming Back” and she wrote the song as well. You can google her name and hear the song OR you may click one of the sites listed at the bottom.
Brennley is also a fantastic student at Excelsior as well. Brennley is a part of the NHS at the Victorville campus, which means she has been maintaining her 4.0 GPA since her freshman year. While going to school, being on The Voice, going to Nashville, working on her CD and keeping up on her school work, she has also been working as one of the main characters for the How to Train Your Dragon Netflix series.
1) Stream the Song here: http://smarturl.it/brennleykcb
3) On Spotify:  “heart” the song = means to save it, and add it to a playlist: https://open.spotify.com/track/7maDqkC3MF3UWDrG0qckFH?si=eQwGVMKOR0-x0_Cb8giqbw
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5) Facebook: give Brennley’s facebook page a like: http://facebook.com/brennleybrownmusic
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