Guy Burnett 8-2016

Guy Burnett

Board President

Guy Burnett has served on the Excelsior Charter School’s Board of Directors since June of 2015.

Guy and his wife of 30 years, Kimberly, were married in 1986 and have raised three daughters and one son in the high desert area. Two of his daughters graduated from Excelsior Charter School. So Guy is very familiar with Excelsior’s educational program. Guy served in the United States Marine Corps from May 1975 to May 1979. He lived in Dallas, Texas for 7 years prior to moving to Apple Valley in 1983.

One of Guy’s early career goals was to own his own business and in 1998 he opened State Farm Insurance Agency which he has been successfully operating and serving all of the high desert communities.

Guy has previously served on the Apple Valley Chamber board from 2002 until 2007. In July of 2007, Guy was appointed by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the San Bernardino County Fair Board of Directors, where he served as the Treasurer for 3 years, Vice President for 2 years and President for 2 years, and is currently working on his 4th Term as Treasure. Guy has also served on the Board for the Yucca Loma Paul Swick Family Center from 2006 to 2009.

Guy enjoys participating in extracurricular activities such as riding motorcycles, horses and four wheel drive adventures to Death Valley and around the High Desert area. He enjoys hiking in the High Desert and Sierra Mountains. He also enjoys 5th wheel camping with his family. Guy thoroughly enjoys working with the Excelsior School Board!

Wayne Costa 8-2016

Wayne Costa

Board Vice President

Wayne Costa has been a resident of Barstow since 1965.  Wayne graduated from Snowden Township High School in Library, Pennsylvania in 1956 and obtained his Bachelors of Science in Education with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry from Clarion State University in Clarion Pennsylvania and his Masters of Science/Zoology from Michigan State University.  Wayne received additional Post Graduate Education from multiple educational institutes and is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Grants for his post graduate studies.

Wayne started teaching Biology and Environmental sciences in 1965 in Barstow and became the Assistant Principal of Barstow Junior High School in 1976 and held the position till 1980 at which time he accepted the position of Principal at Hinkley Elementary/ Middle School.  Wayne retired from the principal position in 1996 and continues to reside in Barstow.

Lucy Rivera 8-2016

Lucy Rivera

Board Member

Lucy Rivera is married and has two children. She moved to Victorville in 1969, and have lived in the High Desert area ever since. Lucy has an Associates Degree from Victor Valley College and is currently attending Chadron State College pursing a degree in Business Administration. She has worked for San Bernardino County for the past 23 years. Currently, she is a District Manager for the Transitional Assistance Department. Lucy has a strong desire to help all children live up to their academic potential, ensuring that they have the tools needed to be successful, responsible, adults.

Lucy Rivera’s Personal Experience with Excelsior

Lucy has two sons who attended Excelsior. Each has very different styles of learning. Her oldest son became part of their family’s lives during his junior year at Excelsior. He is not her biological child, however, he refers to her and her husband as his parents and they consider him their son. He had the ability to maintain his grades without putting forth an effort. Although he did not study very hard, he still learned the skills he needed to be successful. He took classes at Victor Valley College and is currently a Deputy Sheriff with San Bernardino County.

Lucy’s youngest son Nathaniel struggled with learning throughout his school years. He was smart and could remember things he saw on television or heard, but had difficulty writing clearly and had extreme test anxiety. Lucy attempted to have him held back in Kindergarten and fourth grade. His teachers did not agree; they did not see the hours of homework that he did each night just to maintain a B average.

He started at Excelsior when he was in 9th grade. He continued to struggle and they did hours of homework each night. When he was in the 10th grade Gary Hahs suggested to Lucy that he might be an audio learner. Lucy began to read all of his books into a tape recorder, he listened to his assignments. He still struggled but it became easier.

Once he started college, if audio books were not available, he read aloud. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is starting the Fire Academy at Victor Valley College this month.  Each of his facilitators at Excelsior contributed to his success and Lucy does not have enough kind words to describe Toni Munoz, Gary Hahs, Matt Diniz, Tom Lasiter, Brian Lamers, Dan Booze and Amy Stromsodt.

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