Jennifer Van Norman


Dear Parents and Students,

­­­­­Welcome to Excelsior’s North Victorville Aviation, Medicine, & Engineering (AME) campus! We look forward to seeing our returning students, and we are excited to get to know our new students and families. At Excelsior, we value our partnerships with parents, families, and community, and we enjoy working with families to help students achieve their personal life plans.

At Excelsior, students work toward their personal goals as part of a team with their parents and facilitators. AME is also excited to partner with Victor Valley Community College and offer our students a higher education while still enjoying the high school experience.

Whether a student chooses to go to college, pursue a vocational career, or serve in the military, we believe that every student can be successful and, as our motto says, we are here to “make it happen.” Thank you for joining us this year!


Jennifer Van Norman

Principal, AME

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