Leti Perez


Welcome To Excelsior! 

We are so excited and eager to start a new school year! We have a great year planned with new activities and electives on-campus.With your help and your feedback we have been making improvements and growing as an educational program for your community. We thank you for referring family and friends to our Ontario campus.

Be rest assured, that our primary goal at Excelsior is to prepare students to be successful adults and our experienced credentialed teachers will work closely with your student to create a personal life plan. If your son/daughter is interested in taking college level courses, they may be eligible to attend one of our local community colleges. We will assist the student with the enrollment process and in selecting the appropriate courses. This is a great way to get a head-start in completing required general education college coursework and it will save you a bundle of money. 

Although we are an independent study school, we do have workshops and extra-curricular activities that are available to our students.  We offer Art, ASB, photography, yearbook, hiking club, and music classes. We have a few workshops for the core subjects and labs are offered for the sciences. 

Two new classes that offer a certification exam at the completion of the course are Cyber Security and Pharmacy Technician. These courses are only offered on campus and students will be given curriculum to prepare them for the examination. Along with on-campus opportunities, we also offer field trips, college tours, winter formal, prom,  senior events, 8th grade promotion and high school graduation ceremony as planned by our staff and ASB. 

Excelsior’s focus is to provide students with a positive and enriching learning experience, while feeling safe and connected to their school. If you have any questions regarding our educational program, please give us a call or stop by to visit. I look forward to working with you this year!


Ms. Leti Perez 

Principal of Excelsior Charter School Ontario Campus 

[email protected]  909-984-6800 

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