Students in the AVID program have shown the potential to succeed in a college environment. AVID is an on-campus workshop that supports students academically on their path to college, and also builds a community of peers with similar goals. Students receive academic instruction in writing, note-taking, studying, testing strategies, and organization. Students receive academic support from college tutors through collaborative tutorial groups and accountability with their course work. We take college field trips, participate in fundraisers, and do Club activities to celebrate our successes!



Excelsior offers a rich array of athletic endeavors for both male and female student-athletes, including football, baseball, softball, basketball, track and field, cross country, golf, pep squad, wrestling, and volleyball. We aim to help our students become great student-athletes. College Recruiters are looking for well rounded athletes who have good character, will work hard and be accountable, but most importantly, who take their academic careers as seriously as they take their sport. To do this we hold student-athletes accountable for their academic performance and work with teachers and facilitators to help provide any additional support services necessary.


The Band program provides students with a wide variety of courses of study in music: Beginning Band, Concert groups (for more advanced students), Concert Band, (grades 7-9), Symphonic Winds ensemble (audition based), and Jazz. Excelsior’s Jazz program includes two ensembles, the Jazz Band and the Big Blue Big Band, and has received numerous awards and recognitions. All students in the Excelsior Band Program use the Smart Music (through iPad or computer) program throughout the school year. This program brings Excelsior’s Band program to the forefront of technology in the music classroom. For more information, go to www.smartmusic.com.



The Excelsior Aviation, Medicine and Engineering Academy has the high desert’s only FAA approved high school aviation program. The A.M.E. Academy aviation program is designed to give high school students interested in aviation a clear advantage over their peers by working toward their aviation certification while still in high school. Our program embodies robust instruction and hands-on application of today’s current General Aviation theory and practice. Students that complete the Excelsior A.M.E. Academy aviation program earn 19 college credits toward the General aviation portion of their overall Airframe and Powerplant certification.


Our vocal music programs showcase a diverse range of choral and solo experiences for students interested in developing their voice. Our Beginning Choir works daily on music reading and vocal technique. The Advanced Women’s Choir is an ensemble of treble voices dedicated to performing concert and chamber style music. The Advanced Show Choir is our premiere performance group that is expected to sing festival music as well as Broadway-style production numbers. In addition students have the opportunity to sing as Soloists at Excelsior events and compete in classical solo competitions.



The Excelsior “Dance” Experience is designed to furnish our students with a strong technical foundation while exploring their passion for dance. Students will have the opportunity to master and perform all concepts of the art in multiple genres through commitment and discipline. Excelsior offers all levels of dance from beginning to advanced and specializing in the genres of Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet and Lyrical. Students will gain a better knowledge of the “Dance Industry”, and all it in tells, while working along side their peers in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.


Acting classes range from beginning, for those with little or no experience in acting to advanced, for those at competition level. In each class the students are taught skills that will aid them in their future, including public speaking, confidence and teamwork. It also prepares them to perform in productions at the school. Production class is a rehearsal lab for whatever school play we are working on. We also have contact with a few local community theater groups that allows the students the opportunity to do their required community service in the theater environment while spending time learning from experts in their field.



Excelsior’s guitar class taught by Rockstars of Tomorrow, a local recording music studio with exceptional music teachers, allows students to learn both electric and acoustic guitar techniques. Students learn theory, and how to play numerous styles including Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Funk, Blues or Country. Above all that, the program provides students with the confidence necessary to help them become a great guitar player. Excelsior’s Victorville guitar program also provides a pro-level multi track recording studio. Students have the opportunity to record their original songs.


The Excelsior Aviation, Medicine and Engineering Academy has a very exciting, vocationally-oriented medical program. Our students are able to learn in a hands-on environment by using simulated auscultation (breathing), and blood flow simulation mannequins. These training aides are state of the art allowing our junior and senior high school students to learn preventative and life saving measures on two simulated lifelike training mannequins.


Robotics (STEM)

Featured at the A.M.E. Academy campus, our Robotics program teaches students the principles of Automation and Robotics while solving problems that may exist in the real world. Through this problem solving format, students learn the ability to think critically and creatively, and develop the essentials of teamwork and communication through complex projects. In addition to the Automation and Robotics class, students also get the opportunity to compete in various robotics competitions around Southern California. Excelsior A.M.E.’s robotics team is one of the best in the country after receiving a rank of 5th at the C.R.E.A.T.E. U.S. Open National Championship in 2013.



Excelsior S.T.E.M. Academy offers a nursing course that introduces the students to the foundational concepts and facts that a nursing assistant needs to function competently in the workplace—be it a long-term care facility, an acute care facility, or a home health agency. To function effectively in the health care setting, nursing assistants must also be able to recognize the person withing the patient, resident, or client, and to understand that each person they are responsible for providing care for is unique and special, with individual needs that are very different from those of the person in the next bed. This course will help students become competent in performing the skills that are the basis of the daily care they provide, but also to teach students to provide that care with compassion and humanism.

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