Excelsior Charter Schools strongly believes that student, staff and campus safety are our highest priorities. As such, we have adopted the Department of Homeland Security developed, active shooter protocol of RUN, HIDE, FIGHT. Each school site and all Excelsior entities employ this lifesaving strategy. Unlike previously developed protocols, RUN, HIDE, FIGHT encourages every person to flee if the RUN option is appropriate and/or available. While having students scatter may seem chaotic, this strategy has proven to save the most lives in an active shooter scenario. Excelsior Charter Schools has taken additional steps to reunify and account for all persons after law enforcement has deemed the situation, All Clear. Please take a moment to familiarize your self with the RUN, HIDE, FIGHT protocol and the associated instructions by watching this video. Please note that all Excelsior Charter School campuses practice these procedures in an effort to continue our long history of safety.

The original video was created by the Santa Ana Unified School district and has been modified for educational purposes. If you have any concerns regarding student or campus safety we strongly encourage you to communicate the issue or suggestion to your site principal.

The Byproduct of the Run protocol.

The protocol of having students flee when appropriate as a means of putting distance between themselves and the active shooter threat presents the likelihood that Excelsior personnel will not be able to account for all non-physically injured students even after law enforcement has issued an all clear. Our priority is your child’s safety, even above our ability to account for their whereabouts. We strongly support the Department of Homeland Security’s stance of fleeing as a primary means of personal safety. In the event of an active shooter incident we are requesting that all parents contact us in the event your student arrives at home or any safe place. We are asking that all parents send an email or contact their site administration after their students are verified safe.

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