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RE: Dress Code

Dear Excelsior Families,

We would like to clarify a few items outlined in the dress code policy:

1. Rips in jeans: The bottom of dresses/shorts/skirts must measure no higher than 5 inches above the top
of the kneecap. Holes in jeans must follow this same parameter. Holes above the 5-inch threshold should
have fabric behind them as to not expose skin.

2. Tank tops: tank tops must be at least 2 inches wide on the shoulders.

3. Leggings: leggings cannot be worn as pants. Leggings do not compensate for dresses/shorts/skirts that
are too short.

Students in violation of dress code will be given the opportunity to correct it before entering campus. We have
loaner school t-shirts and sweatshirts to assist with correcting various shirt/top violations. Students can
work/test in the front office until the dress code violation can be corrected.
Thank you for your support and understanding. Please contact our office with any questions.



Lindsey Lee

Principal, VV Campus

Excelsior Charter School


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