The Victorville Campus Administrative Team is proud to work with you this school year! We are dedicated to the safety, academic success, and well being of every student. We believe through the power of the educational team, the possibilities for students are endless!

At the Victorville Campus, our staff works together to provide a safe learning environment while infusing the school day with opportunities for peer-to-peer connections and Eagle spirit! With the plethora of on-campus workshops, rigorous curriculum, and a variety of support resources, we are committed to personalizing your education as we prepare our students to be successful adults. In addition, be on the lookout for fun field trips, pep-rallies, class meetings, guest speakers, food trucks, and more!

The Victorville Administrative Team is excited to work with you to make this a successful and fun school year! Please, stop by call or email our offices any time!

Your Victorville Campus Administrative Team:


Lindsey Lee


Lindsey Lee is returning to the Administrative Team and is proud to be the Principal of the Victorville Campus. Mrs. Lee has been with Excelsior since 2010 as a facilitator, classroom teacher, staff mentor, ASB Coach, and Assistant Principal. She graduated from California State University in 2010 and continued her education at Brandman University to pursue her Master’s degree and Administrative credential. Mrs. Lee is dedicated to the safety and success of all students by working with Educational Teams to continuously improve our school programs and culture.


Jennifer Van Norman

Assistant Principal

Jennifer Van Norman is one of Excelsior’s Assistant Principals. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development from Azusa Pacific University, a Master’s degree in Education, P-12 Teaching and Gifted and Talented Education and is currently working towards her administration credential at the University of Southern California. Jennifer believes a student’s personal life plan is not only powerful, but essential to their educational goals and is an advocate for a strong student support team. When she’s not working, she is at home with her three toddlers singing, dancing, reading, and keeping them from eating play-dough.


Ben Smith

Assistant Principal

Ben Smith is one of Excelsior Charter School’s Assistant Principals at the Victorville Campus. Mr. Smith has been with Excelsior since 2002. He has a bachelor’s degree in Behavior Sciences, and a master’s degree in Kinesiology, both from Cal Poly Pomona. He is also a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst and assists with the development of interventions to assist students. Mr. Smith is dedicated to helping students and families with all aspects of their educational environment. 


Amanda Chapman

Assistant Principal

Amanda Chapman is one of Excelsior’s Assistant Principals. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Master’s in Educational Technology at California Polytechnic University, Pomona. She is currently attending Azusa Pacific University to clear her administrative credential and obtain a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Amanda has been with Excelsior for nine years and has worked as a substitute, facilitator, classroom teacher, mentor, interim administrator, and Assistant Principal. She believes all student can achieve and is dedicated to helping students Make it Happen!”

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